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    Endeavoring for years, the company has been famous as the enterprise of metal background wall. Its sales oullets are over the major cities of our country and the prouducts are widely used in all kinds of large buildings with the consistent high praise gived.  
    Adhering to the spirit of enterprise "science and technology leader, facing the world, dedication HAIDEMAN, and always creat first-class" and the company tenet "excellent quality, good faith self-improvement, and serve the society" Jiangsu Haideman New Materials Co.,Ltd. Commits to the development promotion of the new environmental protection material, so that it serve the society with its better production, technology, and service. Taking a whole of science, industry and trade as the core work,the company insists on pushing forward the modem management of the industry. To adpt to the new situation, revitalize the national industry and creat the international famous band, the people of HAIDEMAN will base on domestic, face the world with the core idea of culture and struggle to create the scientific HAIDEMAN.

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